Daily Bread Message

Jan. 1.
GOD ALMIGHTY always FINISH Everything HE BEGINS: because HE is BOTH Alpha (Beginning, Origin or Author) AND Omega (Ending, Finisher or Completion) – Heb.12:2; Rev.1:8; 21:6; 22:13.
As Nations after Nations START 2019; Begin to Thank GOD, for THE BEST of Year ahead for you: in WIDOM, LOVE, HARDWORK and SUCCESS (just as Parents REJOICE at the ARRIVAL of a New Kid – Eph.5:20; Phil.4:6; 1Thess.5:18).
Enjoy An AWESOME 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 2.
Since GOD made Man to Reflect HIMSELF (Gen.1:26); All Man’s Actions on Earth, PROSPERS when it’s DONE: like GOD in Heaven (Mat.6:10).
Such is NAMING (Gen.1:5,8,10); which SUSTAINED Everything Created (Gen.2:19).
The way Parents give NAMES to their New Baby (Mat.1:21-25); is how you SHOULD NAME the BEST 12Months; 52Weeks; 365Days; 8,760Hrs; 525,600mins and 31,536,000secs of your 2019 (Job.22:28).
Enjoy THE BEST of 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 3.
Humans are FAITH BEINGS (Hab.2:4; Heb.10:28); because GOD (WHO Is, Has and Does Everything by Faith – 1Thess.5:24; Heb.11:3), created Man in HIS Own Image (Gen.1:26-30; Psa.82:6; 2Cor.4:13).
How Unborn Kids are SUSTAINED by the Mum (through the Placenta) during Pregnancy; is the way your Faith in GOD (through SOUND MIND, LOVE and HARD WORK): will SUSTAIN you Throughout 2019 (Mrk.9:23; 1Jhn.5:4).
Have A BLESSED 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 4.
Trusting GOD (via Sound Mind, Loving Heart and Hardwork) is always The BEST Thing you can do for yourself (Making you to SUCCEED in Life and Make HEAVEN – Hab.2:3-4; 1Tim.4:8; 1Jhn.5:4).
Since you Enjoy Trusting HIM throughout 2019 (Psa.34:10,19): HE (GOD) will LEVEL All Bad Hills; FILL Every Evil Pit; SMOOTHEN All Rough Places and STRAITEN Every Zigzag Path in your Life (Isa.40:4; Luk.3:5).
Enjoy an EXTRAORDINARY 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 5.
GOD ALMIGHTY is JUST, FAITHFUL and A REWARDER (Deut.32:4; 1Thess.5:24; Heb.11:6).
HE always RESPONDS back to us, exactly the same way, we All FIRST Relate to HIM (Isa.55:6; Jam.4:8).
Because you always Enjoy Doing Good (out of Faith in HIM); GOD HIMSELF, will make SENSE out of All the NONSENSE: U HAD Faced, U ARE Facing and U WILL Face (Throughout 2019 – Eph.3:20; 1Jhn.5:4).
Wishing you: A 2019 FULL of Breakthroughs – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 6.
HIS Legs STRETCH from the Heavens (HIS Throne) to Earth (HIS Footstool) – Isa.66:1; Act.7:49.
HE (GOD) will use HIS Long-Leg (INFLUENCE) to PROSPER you, in All of Life (throughout 2019): as you always Enjoy Doing Right (via Sound Mind, Love and Hard work), in your Trusting HIM (Eph.3:20; Heb.11:6; Jam.2:26; 1Jhn.5:4)
Enjoy a RIGHTEOUS 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 7.
GOD’s WORD never FAILS (Isa.55:10-11; Mat.24:35); since GOD always Does Everything in HIS Power to Bring HIS Words to Pass (Jer.1:12).
GOD says, that ‘A City BUILT on a Hill CANNOT be Hidden’ (Mat.5:14).
This is the way GOD will BLESS you throughout 2019 (for All around you to see): as you Do the Right All the Way, in your Choice to always Trust HIM (Mat.5:16; Heb.11:6; 1Jhn.5:4).
Enjoy A TESTIMONY FILLED 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 8.
GOD is UNIQUELY (Exceptionally, Distinctively or Outstandingly) AWESOME (Remarkable, Tremendous or Fearsome) – Exo.15:11; 1Sam.2:2; Rev.4:11
HE created us as UNIQUE like HIM: courtesy of GENES from our Parents (Gen.1:11-12,21,24-30).
This same GOD will BLESS your 2019 UNIQUELY (despite Situations): because of your Good Works (out of Faith in HIM -Jer.29:11; Eph.3:20; Heb.10:38-39; 1Jhn.5:4).
Have A MAGNIFICIENT 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 9.
WITHOUT Faith its IMPOSSIBLE to Please GOD (Heb.11:6): since HE is A Faith GOD and created Man as Faith Beings (Exact Duplicate of HIMSELF – Gen.1:26; 2Cor.4:13; 1Jhn.4:17).
Because you Trust HIM, to the Point of Doing Every Good Thing HE says to you in 2019 (Jhn.14:23-24); GOD will ANSWER All your Prayers, BLESS All who Bless you and ALLOW Evil to All who Plan such for you (Gen.12:2-3; 1Jhn.5:4).
Enjoy A VICTORIOUS 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 10.
Because GOD made Man in HIS Image; Man’s Faith in HIM will always OPEN Doors of Victory and Prosperity (Isa.55:6; Heb.11:6; Jam.4:8).
Since you Decide to Trust HIM throughout 2019 (Hab.2:4; Mrk.9:23); Every Trial (which GOD Permits to come your Way), will NOT HARM you: but GOD will make ALL of them be MEANS for you, to be LIFTED UP in Life (in Jesus’ Mighty NAME – Psa.34:10,19; Isa.59:19).
Have a PROSPERITY Filled 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 11.
GOD is JUST, FAITHFUL and PERFECT (Psa.89:14; Mat.5:48; 1Thess.5:24).
Everything in Existence was created by HIM: with PRECISION and PERFECTION (Gen.1:31; Deut.32:4).
The way Newly Born Kids are Born with Every Gene to SUCCEED in Life (Psa.127:3); is how GOD will give you, ALL that you NEED to PROSPER in 2019 (as you Enjoy Doing Good, in your Trusting HIM – Psa.138:8; Eph.3:20; 1Thess.5:4).
Enjoy a GOD Filled 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 12.
GOD’s Eternal Law of SOWING and REAPING declares that ‘Everyone who LABOR to SOW (through SOUND MIND, HARD WORK, and LOVING HEART), are the FIRST PARTAKERS of the Harvest to REAP’ (2Tim.2:6).
This is exactly how THE BEST Days, Weeks, Months and Seasons of 2019: will be your Portion in Jesus’ Mighty NAME (just as you had Trusted GOD [Laboured] for it – Mrk.9:23; Eph.3:20; 1Jhn.5:4).
Enjoy An EXTRAORDINARY 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 13.
GOD ALMIGHTY is AWESOMELY JUST, FAITHFUL and REWARDING (Psa.89:14; 1Thess.5:24; Heb.11:6)..
HE will always TREAT and RELATE to Man, exactly the way Man FIRST Treats and Relates to HIM (Isa.55:6; Jam.4:8).
As you always make Trusting HIM your Priority in 2019; GOD HIMSELF too, will make Blessing you with Every Good Thing in Life: HIS Priority Throughout this year (Mrk.9:23; 1Jhn.5:4).
Enjoy A REWARDING 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 14.
WHAT we All SOW (Plant, Believe in, Labour for, Work for OR Invest) into GOD; is What we REAP (Receive or Harvest) from HIM (Gen.8:22; Gal.6:7-8).
Since you always Enjoy Doing Good, out of Faith in HIM (Heb.11:6; Jam.2:26); GOD HIMSELF too, will use Every Trial you Face in 2019, to BLESS you and make you a BLESSING (just as Darkness makes Light Precious – Psa.34:10,19; Isa.59:19; 1Jhn.5:4).
Have A MAGNIFICIENT 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 15.
No One Pleases GOD without Faith (via SOUND MIND, HARWORK, LOVING HEART and / or OBEDIENCE – Heb.11:6); since HE (GOD) is a Faith GOD (2Cor.4:13).
Because you Enjoy Pleasing HIM throughout 2019 (Isa.55:6; Jam.4:8): by always Doing the Right Thing, out of Faith in HIM (Jam.2:26); GOD HIMSELF too, will SUPPLY Everything you Need in All Areas of your Life (Psa.23:1-6; Phil.4:19).
Enjoy A 2019 Full of ANSWERED PRAYERS – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 16.
GOD ALMIGHTY both CREATED as well as SUSTAINS the Heavens (Spirit Realm), and the Earth (Natural Realm): with HIS WORD (Gen.1:1; Jhn.1:1-3).
How Birds FLY in the Sky and DO NOT Run into Each Other; is the way GOD will BLESS you in All Areas of Life: throughout 2019 (despite Situations around you) – As you Enjoy Doing The Right Things (out of Faith in HIM – Mat.19:26; Mrk.9:23; Eph.3:20; 1Jhn.5:4).
Have a SUCCESSFUL 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 17.
In the Beginning of Creation’s Restoration (Gen.1:1-31); GOD ALMIGHTY (Our HEAVENLY FATHER) created the Sun to give Light to All Creations on Earth during the Day (Gen.1:14-18).
This is how GOD will your Faith in HIM (via SOUND MIND, HARDWORK and LOVING HEART): to make you A BLESSING to Everyone around throughout 2019, in All Areas of Life (Gen.12:2; Psa.1:1-3; Eph.3:20; 1Jhn.5:4).
Stay BLESSED and be A BLESSING in 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 18.
GOD is A Faith GOD (2Cor.4:13); HE Operates by Faith (Heb.1:3; 11:3); and NoBody can Please HIM without Faith (via SOUND MIND, HARD WORK or LOVING HEART – Heb.11:6; Jam.2:26).
Because you always Trust Everything HE says to you, in All Areas of Life (Jhn.11:40); GOD will make your 2019 FULL of New, Fresh, Unexpected or Unexperienced BREAKTHROUGHS and TESTIMONIES (Lam.3:22-23; 1Cor.2:9-10).
Enjoy the BEST of Life in 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 19.
HE’s always BEHIND Every Good, Right AND Perfect thing in Existence (Jam.1:17).
Since you Choose to always Do What’s Right: out of your Faith in HIM (throughout 2019 – Heb.11:6; Jam.2:26); GOD HIMSELF too, will SWEETEN All Areas of your Life (just as Salt is used to Sweeten Food – Psa.23:6; 91:16).
Enjoy a 2019, FULL of SWEETNESS – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 20.
GOD ALMIGHTY (in HIS Awesome Love for All of HIS Creation: especially Humanity) DOES NOT Sleep or Slumber – Psa.121:3-4.
Throughout this year 2019, this same GOD (HEAVENLY FATHER) will always RISE UP to Every Occasion (on your Behalf): in All Areas of Life (Psa.23:4; 91:10-16): because you always Enjoy Doing EVERYTHING GOOD, in your Trusting HIM (Mrk.9:23; Heb.11:6; Jam.2:26).
Have a VICTORIOUS 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 21.
GOD is UNIQUELY (Exceptionally OR Outstandingly) AWESOME (Remarkable OR Splendid) – Exo.15:11; 1Sam.2:2; Rev.4:11
HE made we Humans UNIQUE: out of GENES from Our Parents(Gen.1:11-12,21,24-30).
This is the way GOD will BLESS your 2019 UNIQUELY (despite Situations around): using your Faith in HIM about the Year (via SOUND MIND, HARD WORK, LOVING HEART or OBEDIENCE – Jer.29:11; Eph.3:20; 1Jhn.5:4).
Enjoy an AWESOME 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 22.
Man and Every Activity of His on Earth, were Created to FULFIL and REFLECT GOD and HIS Purpose in Heaven respectively(Gen.1:26; Mat.6:10; 1Jhn.4:17).
How the HEAT of an Oven MAKES Bread out of Dough; is the way All the Bad which come your way in 2019: will make you BETTER, WISER and STRONGER (as you Enjoy Trusting GOD via Sound Mind, Hard Work and Loving Heart – Psa.34:19; Isa.59:19; 1Jhn.5:4).
Enjoy an ASTONISHING 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 23.
Our Heavenly FATHER, is ABLE to DO Exceeding Abundantly ABOVE All that we Ask or Think, according to the POWER (of Faith) that WORKS in us – Eph.3:20.
How HE (GOD), made Fish to Live inside Water WITHOUT Drowning (Gen.1:20-23); is the way your Good Works (by Faith in HIM – Heb.11:6; Jam.2:26), will BLESS you in Every Area of Life IN 2019 (despite Circumstances Around you – Psa.23:4-6; 91:3-16).
Have A SUCCESSFUL 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 24.
Our HEAVENLY FATHER, made Man and Everything on Earth (Natural Realm), as REPLICAS of HIMSELF and Everything in Heaven (Spirit Realm – Gen.1:26; 1Jhn.4:17) respectively.
The way Our Mouth, is DOOR for Food to Enter Our Body (Mat.15:11-20); is how your Good Works in Life (out of Faith in HIM – Mat.5:16), will Open GREAT DOORS: for All your HEART DESIRES coming to pass in 2019 (Psa.37:4; Rev.3:8).
Enjoy A GLORIOUS 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 25.
Our HEAVENLY FATHER (GOD ALMIGHTY): is Awesome; Fearsome, Overwhelming and Remarkable (Gen.17:1; Exo.15:11; Rev.4:11).
Since you always Choose to Do What’s Right, out of your Faith in HIM (Heb.11:6; Jam.2:26); GOD HIMSELF, will always Raise a DEFENSE (like a Flood), on your Behalf: WHENEVER or WHEREVER the Enemy Tries to Attack you in 2019 (Psa.34:19; Isa.59:19; 1Jhn.5:4.)
Stay being A BLESSING, throughout 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 26.
GOD is a Faith God (Mat.19:26; 2Cor.4:13), Does Everything in Faith, and Faith MUST be in All we Do before it can Please HIM (Isa.55:6; Heb.11:3,6; Jam.4:8).
Because you Enjoy Doing Good in 2019, out of Faith in HIM (Jhn.4:23-24); GOD too, will OPEN the Eyes of Every Blessing towards you and CLOSE the Eyes of All your Enemies from seeing you to Harm (Gen.12:1-3; Deut.28:1-2,15).
Enjoy a BLESSING FULL and CURSE FREE 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 27.
GOD ALMIGHTY (Our Heavenly FATHER) is AWESOMELY JUST (1Sam.2:2; Psa.8:1,9; 89:14; Rev.4:8,11).
As you Enjoy Trusting HIM Throughout 2019: with the ONLY Thing you are Perfect in (Your Heart – Luk.6:45; Rom.10:10); GOD HIMSELF too, will Do EVERYTHING in HIS Power, to PERFECT All that concern you: in All Areas of Life (in Jesus’ Mighty NAME – Psa.138:8).
Enjoy a PERFECT 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 28.
GOD is JUST and FAITHFUL (Deut.7:9).. HE will always DO Everything to Bring HIS WORD (TRUTH) to pass (whenever you Trusts HIM – Isa.55:10-11; Jer.1:12).
The way Explorers Use ALL at their Disposal to Dig Up Gems – Mat.13:44); is how GOD too, will use Everything at HIS Disposal to turn you to A GEM in 2019 (as you always Enjoy Trusting HIM via SOUND MIND, HARD WORK and LOVING HEART – Heb.11:6).
Enjoy A STRESS-FREE 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 29.
GOD created the Earth (Natural Realm), to REFLECT the Heavens (Spirit Realm – Gen.1:1; Mat.6:10).
HE also set in motion, Evening and Morning (making 24Hours Day – Gen.1:5,8,13,19,23,31).
How the Darkest Period of an Evening is JUST BEFORE Dawn; is the way GOD will make Every Problem which comes your way in 2019: be AVENUE of SUCCESS for All Areas of your Life (Psa.34:19; Isa.59:19; 1Jhn.5:4).
Have A VICTORIOUS 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 30.
Any Situation in Life which has GOD (TRUTH)’s Backing; will WORK OUT Positively (by Faith in HIM) – Rom.8:31; 1Jhn.4:4; 5:4.
Likewise; how a Foam SOAKED in Water RELEASES the water (under the Slightest Touch): is the way All Situations which Touch you in 2019, will see GOD in Action on your Behalf (as you’re Soaked in GOD, out of your Faith in THE TRUTH (Jhn.8:32; 14:6; 17:17; Heb.11:6; Jam.4:8).
Enjoy a GOD Filled 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Jan. 31.
Man and Earth (Natural Realm / Man’s Home – Isa.66:1); were BOTH created by GOD (Gen.1:1; Psa.82:6), as Replicas of HIMSELF and Heaven (Spirit Realm / HIS Throne – Mat.6:10; 1Jhn.4:17) respectively.
The way Magnets REPEL Like Charges, and ATTRACT Opposite Charges; is how (in 2019), you will ATTRACT All Good and you will REPEL Every Evil (as you always Enjoy Trusting GOD (Gen.12:3; 1Jhn.5:4).
Enjoy A BLESSINGS FULL 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 1.
HE’s MASTERPIECE in Everything and WON’T DUPLICATE any of HIS Creations (including Man – 1Cor.15:45,47; 1Tim.2:13).
This same GOD (who DOESN’T Fail – Mal.3:6; Heb.13:8) will use your Faith in HIM, to give you NEW, ORIGINAL and FRESH Blessings: THROUGHOUT this NEW Month of February 2019 (Eph.3:20; 1Jhn.5:4).
Have a BLESSED Month – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 2.
Our HEAVENLY FATHER, is A PERSON of BALANCE (Stability, Justice, Impartiality, AND Equal Opportunity – Psa.45:7; Act.10:28,34).
Balance is WHAT Figure ‘2’ means before HIM e.g. ALPHA and OMEGA (Gen.1:1; 8:22; Psa.90:12; Rev.1:8).
As Today is the 2ND Day, of the 2ND Month, of the Year; so will GOD make All Areas of your Life BALANCED (as you always Enjoy Trusting HIM – Eph.3:20; 1Jhn.5:4).
Have a 2019, FULL of Balance – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 3.
GOD (in HIS Awesomeness), encourages us to give HIM Thanks for Everything HE (Did, is Doing and will Do in Our Lives – Eph5:20; 1Thess.5:18).
Throughout 2019, thank HIM for BOTH Opened and Closed Doors (Isa.22:22): because as you Enjoy Trusting HIM; HE (GOD) will allow All Bad Doors to CLOSE (in Any Area of your Life), so that The BEST of Doors will be OPENED for you (Eze.44:2; Rev.3:7-8).
Have a THANKSGIVING FULL 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 4.
HEAVENLY FATHER created Man and Earth (Gen.1:26-30; Psa.82:6); as DUPLICATES of HIMSELF and Heaven (Isa.66:1; Act.7:49) respectively.
How Babies are (PAINFULLY) WEANED OFF Breast Milk, in order to Grow Up (Gen.21:8; isa.28:7); is the way GOD will WEAN you OFF All Evil Situations in 2019 (as you always ENJOY Trusting HIM via Sound Mind, Hard Work, Humble and Loving Heart – Psa.91:1-16; 1Jhn.5:4).
Enjoy A STRESS-FREE 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 5.
Anytime GOD permits Our Faith in HIM to be TRIED or TESTED: its MEANT to Bring Out the BEST in us (1Tim.6:12; Jam.1:2-4; 1Pet.1:7).
The way Yeast makes a Dough to RISE into Bread when BAKED inside the Oven; is how GOD will use your Faith in HIM (via Sound Mind, Hard Work, Humble and Loving Heart): to make you RISE ABOVE All Evil, and Be THE BEST Throughout 2019 (Psa.34:19; Mrk.9:23; 1Jhn.5;4).
Enjoy A PROSPEROUS 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 6.
All Things are ALWAYS POSSIBLE to Anyone who Believes (via Sound mind, Hard Work and Loving Heart – Mrk.9:23; Jhn.11:40); as Faith is what MAKES Every Adult to be God on Earth (Gen.1:28; 2Cor.4:13).
As you always Enjoy Trusting HIM in 2019; GOD HIMSELF will use All Setbacks the devil or People bring Against you, to your Advantage: to get for you, The BEST of RESULTS in Life (Psa.34:19; 1Jhn.5:4).
Enjoy a VICTORIOUS 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 7.
GOD (the CREATOR of Heaven and Earth Gen.1:1); is OMNIPOTENT (All Powerful – Rev.19:6) and OMNISCIENT (All-Knowing – 1Jhn.3:20).
But One MUST Trust HIM, for HIS AWESOMENESS to be ENJOYED in Life (Eph.3:20).
The way Stones ALWAYS SINK in Water (despite SIZES of Stone and/or Water); is how you will SUCCEED IN 2019 (despite your Conditions): as you always Enjoy Trusting GOD (1Jhn.5:4).
Enjoy GOD’s Faithfulness IN 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 8.
Faith in GOD always has ABUNDANCE of REWARD (Heb.10:35); since GOD (as A Faith God), places The HIGHEST IMPORTANCE on Faith in HIM (2Cor.4:13; Heb.11:6).
How an Electric Switch RELEASES the BEAUTY and POWER in an Electric Bulb; is the way your Faith in GOD (via Sound Mind, Hard Work and Loving Heart), will RELEASE Exceeding Abundant Blessings over you in 2019 (Eph.3:20; 1Jhn.5:4).
Stay BLESSED and Be A BLESSING in 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 9.
HEAVENLY FATHER (who created Man in HIS Image – Gen.1:26), is A Faith GOD: which makes Man Faith Beings (2Cor.4:13).
This is WHY All that you Do MUST be in Faith BEFORE it Pleases HIM (Isa.55:6; Heb.11:6; Jam.4:8).
As a result of you Trusting GOD as your All in All in 2019; GOD HIMSELF will make Every Area of your Life REFLECT Mega Prosperity (just as Kids REFLECTS Parents – Pro.22:6; Eph.3:20).
Enjoy An AWESOME 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 10.
GOD is EXTRAORDINARY (Wonderful, Exceptional, Great, Remarkable and Awesome – Psa.107:8,15,21).
HE always REWARDS Everyone and Anyone, BASED on the WAY we FIRST Relate to HIM (Isa.55:6; Heb.11:6; Jam.4:8).
As you always Love HIM (by Doing Everything Good, out of your Faith in HIM – Psa.45:7; Gal.5:6); GOD too, will make sure that All Areas of your Life: become What you LOVE (Jer.29:11).
Enjoy A DREAM COME TRUE 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 11.
Whenever we DRAW NEAR (by FAITH via Sound Mind, Hard Work and Loving Heart) to GOD; GOD HIMSELF will in turn DRAW NEAR (in Blessings) BACK to us (Gal.6:7-8; Heb.11:6; Jam.4:8).
Because you always Trust HIM as your FIRST CHOICE, and NOT your Last Resort in Life; GOD too, will ENSURE that All Blessings in Life: make Every Area of your Life, their FIRST DESTINATION (Deut.8:1,18; 28:1-13; Eph.3:20; 1Jhn.5:4).
Stay GLORIOUS – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 12.
GOD says “Draw Near to ME and I (GOD) will Draw Near to you” – Isa.55;6; Jam.4:8
HE also says ‘We CANNOT Please HIM (outside Faith via Sound Mind, Hard Work and Loving Heart) – Heb.11:6; Jam.2:26
Since you give GOD the BEST despite your Situations (out of you always Trusting HIM – Mrk.9:23); GOD will, in turn, Bless you with THE BEST in Life (despite your Shortcomings – Deut.28:1-2; Eph.3:20; 1Jhn.5:4).
Stay FAITHFUL – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 13.
NO man can SERVE two masters: for EITHER he will HATE one and LOVE the other; or else he will HOLD TO one and DESPISE the other: Ye CANNOT serve GOD and mammon (Mat.6:24).
This means Nobody says YES and NO to the same Thing (Luk.16:13).
GOD will make All Good say YES to you, and All Bad say NO to you: as you always (by FAITH) say YES to Every Good and NO to Any evil (1Thess.5:24; Heb.11:6; Jam.4:8).
Stay VICTORIOUS – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 14.
People of the World: celebrate LOVE (Affection, Adoration, Friendship, Devotion or Passion) today – Deut.11:1; 1Sam.18:3; Psa.37:28.
Realize that GOD is TRUE, REAL, AUTHENTIC and GENUINE Love (Jhn.3:16; 1Cor.13:13; 1Jhn.4:7-8).
This same GOD; will give you the BEST in All Areas of Life: as you Enjoy LOVING Others (out of you always Trusting HIM – Gen.1:26; Mat.22:37-39; Jam.4:8).
Enjoy a 2019 Full of GOD’s LOVE – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 15.
Our HEAVENLY FATHER is HOLY, PURE and RIGHTEOUS (Isa.6:3; Heb.12:29) as well as LOVING, MERCIFUL and GRACEFUL (Exo.34:6; Psa.116:5).
Since (out of you Trusting HIM – Heb.11:6): you LOVE Everyone – Mat.5:44-48; but HATE All Bad, Sinful, Wrong or Evil Things – Psa.45:7 (with the same Passion);
This same GOD will make All Goodness FOLLOW you, and Every Evil DEPART from you (Prov.11:5; 1Tim.4:8).
Stay LOVING and GODLY – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 16.
Whatever is in Adult Humans, was actually gotten from Our HEAVELY FATHER (1Jhn.4:17); since HE created us, as REPLICA of HIMSELF (Gen.1:26-30).
Because you Express yourself by a Language you Know (Gen.11:6-7); so will GOD Bless you and make you A Blessing (in All Areas of Life – Gen.12:1): through HIS Own Language – GENUINE LOVE for Humanity (expressed by your Total Faith in HIM – Gal.5:6; 1Jhn.5:4).
Enjoy A LOVELY 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 17.
Our HEAVENLY FATHER is LOVE, HOLY, PURE, FAITHFUL, JUST, PERFECT, SINLESS, RIGHTEOUS and BLAMELESS (Psa.89:14; 119:137; Isa.6:3; 1Jhn.4:7-8; Rev.19:11).
HE will FOIL (Frustrate) Every Bad Plan which is AGAINST your Interest (Isa.54:17): as you always Enjoy LOVING Every Human, Doing Everything Good and Right, as well as Working Hard (as a result of your Trusting HIM – Heb.11:6; 12:14).
Have A BREAKTHROUGH Filled 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 18.
GOD created Man like HIMSELF and then ESTABLISHED Language: as MEANS of Communication between Man and HIMSELF as well as with Each Other – Gen.1:26-27; 11:1,6; 1Jhn.4:17).
How you can ONLY talk with People in Languages they KNOW (Gen.11:7); is the way GOD (WHO is LOVE – 1Jhn.4:7-8) will give you THE BEST in Life via HIS Language (LOVE for Humanity: out of your Faith in HIM – Jhn.3:16; Gal.5:6).
Stay LOVING and LOVEABLE – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 19.
GOD made as well as sustained Man and the Earth; as Exact Duplicates of HIMSELF and the Heavens respectively (Mat.6:10; 1Jhn.4:17): using HIS WORD (LAWS – Jhn.1:1-3; Heb.11:3).
The way INFRARED passes THROUGH Barriers and makes us to SEE in the Dark; is how your LOVE for Truth and People (by Faith in GOD): will make GOD to Bless you (no matter the Barriers – Mrk.9:23; Gal.5:6; Heb.12:14; 1Jhn.5;4)
Stay VICTORIOUS – Oye Jide-Samuel
Feb. 20.
LOVE (the EXACT Description and Personality of Our HEAVENLY FATHER – 1Jhn.4:7-8) Does Not FAIL (1Cor.13:8).
As you LOVE, TRUST, LIVE, are HUMBLE, are of SOUND MIND and are HARDWORKING like HIM (GOD – Gal.5:6; Jam.2:26): by always Enjoying Doing EVERYTHING that’s Right – Psa.118:29); GOD HIMSELF too, will make you FAILURE PROOF in All Areas of Life (Jos.1:5; 1Jhn.5:4).
Enjoy A SUCCESSFUL 2019 – Oye Jide-Samuel

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