Understanding THE TRUTH

BIBLE TEXT: John 8:32; John 17:17


What is The TRUTH?

In John 8:32, it is written in clear terms what our Lord Jesus CHRIST said –  you and I, and every one of us shall know, come to the knowledge of the TRUTH and this TRUTH shall set us free.   CHRIST did not say we shall come to the knowledge of the FATHER. CHRIST did not say we shall come to the knowledge of Himself. CHRIST did not say we shall come to the knowledge of the HOLY SPIRIT. CHRIST did not say we shall come to the knowledge of our situations. CHRIST did not say we shall come to the knowledge of every other human on earth. CHRIST did not say we shall come to the knowledge of our ancestors. CHRIST did not say we shall come to the knowledge of ourselves. CHRIST did not say we shall come to the knowledge of Eternal Life, which is God’s primary gift for man. CHRIST did not say we shall come to the knowledge of Angels. CHRIST did not say we shall come to knowledge of demons. CHRIST did not say we shall come to the knowledge of our enemies.

CHRIST said we shall come to the knowledge of the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set us free. Why the TRUTH? Because the TRUTH is the most powerful. Like I always put it, TRUTH is a male entity or male gender in existence. Science, medicine and researchers have proven that in all entities, living and non-living, in existence, male entities are determinants of outcomes. They are carriers of processes and the initiators of events. That means the TRUTH initiates, carries and determines in a way that other male entities cannot do. No wonder our Heavenly FATHER, the greatest, the number one being, the most powerful in whom no other influences surpasses said in the book of Psalms 138:2 that He has exalted and lifted up His TRUTH far above all His name. Now look at that scripture very well God’s people, it did not say God Has exalted all his TRUTH, the scripture said God has exalted His TRUTH, which means His TRUTH is only one. But he said above all His name, which means His name can be many. All of the world’s religion, has a name for our maker, rightly or wrongly. Yet the TRUTH outweighs all of them.

Why The TRUTH?

Because the TRUTH is the number one carrier, the number one initiator and the number one determinant of our situations yesterday, today and tomorrow. What is the TRUTH? I keep telling us the TRUTH is God’s own principle God’s own law, God’s own standard for your life, for your specific situation, for what you are facing now for who you are now and for where you are now. If you were to look at the scriptures religiously, this might sound a little too confusing. When you read scriptures like forever O Lord, Your word is settled, it gives us the impression that when God speaks, which is true, nothing changes it.  But the reason for that is not because they are words, it is because when God speaks, because He has exalted his TRUTH above all his name, his Word is TRUTH. In John 17:17, CHRIST, while going to the cross prayed for God to sanctify His people and set them apart with His TRUTH because His word is TRUTH. The reason why, whenever God talks, it comes to pass because it is TRUTH and not because it is God speaking. It is because it is TRUTH. The same way if someone who doesn’t believe in God takes that same TRUTH and says it the way God says it will come to come to pass the way it came to pass with God.

This is the reason why in the book of the Epistles of Apostle John to the church, Apostle John declared that the way our Heavenly FATHER is has been God’s standard. That is the way you and I are in this world. The difference between every one of us on earth is not just primarily gender, or race, or  background experience, it is basically our attitude to the TRUTH. Every genuine success in this world is man’s faith. And when I mean man, I mean an adult human’s attitude toward the principle governing his  or her particular situation.

Example of The TRUTH

There are so many traditions concerning marriage.  But let me tell you, people of God, the only thing that counts in marriage is God’s own TRUTH concerning marriage, which is God’s law on marriage.  If peradventure, your tradition, your attitude, your opinion, your belief about marriage lies with this TRUTH, your marriage will work.  It is not because it is your tradition. It is because that is the law, the TRUTH and the created standard by our maker for marriage.

The standard is for this reason every adult male, no matter how educated or exposed he is, as long as he is an adult male, his good cannot be the best without the umbrella, cover and influence of a Queen. That is why when you read the original manuscript, what the scriptures translated in numerous translations as woman, as wife is one word Queen. So the standard, the TRUTH concerning marriage is for this reason, shall an adult male leave and leave does not mean abandonment.  It means independent. For this reason, an adult male, any and every adult male. And what makes an adult male is not age because age is just body. It is the soundness of your mind, the manageability of your emotions and the strengthening and the focus of your free will in making reasonable choices. That is what makes an adult male. That is what makes maturity. Now the TRUTH concerning marriage says when an adult male, which I have just defined, which modern English called philogynist. A philogynist is an adult male who out of sound mind recognizes the God given Grace, the God, given specification on an ideal woman, which God calls Queen.

Now whenever any adult male who is a philogynist in God’s standard has an independence from his influence and cleaves (God never said it is a woman that cleaves). And let me tell you, no man can cleave to more than one woman simultaneously. Because religion says so, because a man’s emotions says so does not make it so. Our opinion does not make something true but when something is a verified fact, proven with evidence, it stands forever.

So anytime a philogynist who is an ideal adult male in God’s standard has independence from his background, history, geography and accomplishments and cleaves willingly and freely (not because of suggestion, seduction or advertisement from the woman) and goes under the influence of a Queen, the scripture says they shall become one emotion. That is the TRUTH concerning marriage.


If anybody fulfils this TRUTH concerning marriage, the marriage will surely work.  It is this kind of marriage CHRIST was referring to that who God has joined together, let no man put asunder. Maybe they married in a church ceremony or in a traditional ceremony or in the synagogue or in the mosque and you see that nobody dare touches that union. You see the man becoming a minimum of ten times better. They probably might think it is the tradition, church, mosque or synagogue that worked.  What worked is the TRUTH they obeyed because the TRUTH, the law, the standard, the principle governing marriage is what I have just told you. An ideal man, a philogynist being independent of his original background, connects with a Queen.

The TRUTH Sets Free

God’s people remember you will connect with the TRUTH and it is the TRUTH, not any other thing that will set you free. And CHRIST said in his Word when any of God’s principle, God’s standard, the TRUTH set you free, you shall be free indeed.

Stay blessed God’s awesome people.  It is well with all of us.

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Kindest regards,

Rev. Oye Jide-Samuel,

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